Two Days After Publication Day!

Still winding down after a fun event at Vintage Bookstore and Wine Bar in Austin, where the launch of The Splendid Ticket took place on Tuesday. And tonight, another event, at Batch Craft Beer and Kolaches (3220 Manor Road, Austin), where I will sit in conversation with The Austin Chronicle‘s Wayne Alan Brenner, and discuss… Read more »

Publication Day!

It’s finally here, publication day for The Splendid Ticket, a book that took eight years from the first scribbled lines in 2014 to the finished product that can be found on the shelves of fine bookstores everywhere, plus Amazon. Tonight there will be a launch event at Vintage Bookstore and Wine Bar at 1101 East 11th… Read more »

The Splendid Ticket to be published December 6th!

Well, it’s finally almost out! It’s been a long road for this book, nearly eight years, from the original short story, titled “The Daily Racing Form,” to its expansion into a 130,000-word novel, and its later reduction to its present, modest 80,000 words. It’s had a few titles, too—The Instant of the Mothers (for a… Read more »

A Stab at this Blogging Business

     It’s been 11 days since I’ve posted to The Blog. Part of the reason for this is I really have nothing to add about where I am in the process of publishing the new book. I’m pretty excited about it; I feel lucky as hell that it’s happening at all; I can’t wait… Read more »


Thank you so much for visiting the new website! I’m very excited about my new novel, titled The Splendid Ticket. It’s due out this September. The final proofread is in the bag, I’m glad to report. (The publisher’s eagle-eyed proofreader found a bunch of stuff everyone else had overlooked!) Now working on cover art, as… Read more »