Events Upcoming:

12/6/22 Book launch and signing at Vintage Books and Wine, in Austin at 7:00 PM. The wine is wonderful, and the space cozy and welcoming.
 12/8/22 Signing and party at my local coffeeshop, Batch Craft Beer, in Austin at 7:00 PM. Featuring The Austin Chronicle‘s own Wayne Alan Brenner as interlocutor!
 12/10/22 Signing and reading at Deep Vellum Books, in Dallas, at 7:00 PM. DFW’s best indie bookshop.
12/18/22 Signing and reading at Cibolo Chicks Bookstore, Selma, Texas, 1:00-3:00 PM. Greater San Antonio’s fabulous community bookstore.
 2/18/23 Signing and reading at Brazos Bookstore in Houston at 7:00 PM. An old favorite.

Readings to be scheduled in New York, LA, and Chicago soon–please check back! 

Events Past and Done:
11/5/22 Literary Death Match. Four authors, reading from recent work, and three judges, with ice in their veins! I’ll be reading from my upcoming novel, The Splendid Ticket, and hoping not to be the first to die.  7:00 PM at Easy Tiger on East 7th Street in Austin. Bring friends and your appetite for beer!